The Girl with Those Eyes – Remembering Tina Aumont (1946 – 2006)

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The Girl with Those Eyes – Remembering Tina Aumont (1946 – 2006)

“The Girl with those Eyes”

I thought at some point I should make mention of Tina Aumont. To me Tina was one of the most captivating figures of the 1960’s counterculture. Not really fitting into any one category or genre. A bohemiun with a free-spirited persona. Her dark eyes thickly lined with make up, above those dramatically high cheekbones.

The daughter of famed actors Jean-Pierre Aumont and Maria Montez, Tina was born Maria Christina Aumont in Hollywood, California on February 14th 1946.

Her mother died tragically in 1951 at the tender age of 39. She suffered a heart attack in her bath, which had then caused her to drown. A few years later, after her father had re-married (to actress Marisa Pavan), Tina was sent to a Swiss boarding school. In 1963 at the age of 17 she married French actor and director Christian Marquand (19 years her senior), and three years later made her movie debut with a role in Joseph Losey’s cult fantasy ‘Modesty Blaise’. Later that year Tina would make a short foray into Hollywood with the fun comedy western ‘Texas across the River’ (’66) which saw her alongside Dean Martin and Alain Delon, playing the cute young squaw Lonetta. The following year Tina had her biggest and best role, in Luigi Bazzoni’s excellent western ‘Man, Pride and Vengeance’ (’67), playing a dangerous gypsy woman; Carmen, the object of Spanish soldier Franco Nero’ obsession, with tragic results. Tina’s marriage ended that year and soon afterwards she appeared in two unusual (though now cult) Italian films. First was Tinto Brass’s bizarre psychedelic anti-war film ’The Howl’ (’68) playing a student getting caught up in a revolution, then Bernardo Bertolucci’s strange drama ‘Partner’ (also ’68), which was a sort of version of Dostoyevsky’s ‘The Double’, where Tina had a brief bit as a salesgirl with eyes painted on her eyelids!

Seventies horror fans may remember Tina most from Sergio Martino’s stylish 1973 giallo ‘Torso’ with Suzy Kendall and John Richardson. Following a good supporting role in the spaghetti western ‘Brothers Blue’ (’73), she took a lead role in the intriguing sci-fi drama ‘Lifespan’ (’75) which reunited her with Klaus Kinski. 1976 saw Tina cast alongside Donald Sutherland in Fellini’s ‘Casanova’, and the same year she re-teamed with Tinto Brass for the shockingly controversial ‘Salon Kitty’. The Eighties saw Tina work sporadically, with only minor roles in the occasional French production. Her last appearance of note came in Jean Rollin’s rather awful 1997 flick ‘Two Orphan Vampires’.

Tina retired from acting altogether in 2000, and sadly died in France on October 26th 2006, from a pulmonary embolism. She was 60 years old. Tina is now buried next to her mother Maria Montez, in Paris, France.

Perhaps the most stunning footage of Tina is in fact not from any of her movies, but that shot by painter Frederic Pardo in 1968. This home movie footage of Tina (his then muse), was shot during the filming of his friend Philippe Garrel’s ‘Le lit de la Vierge’ (The Virgin’s bed). This silent, dreamlike, almost 40 minute footage features Tina at her most stunningly serene.

A beautiful free spirit, with looks like no other, Tina continues to fascinate and endure in the minds of many.

Favourite Movie: Man, Pride and Vengeance
Favourite Performance: Man, Pride and Vengeance

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  • Yes, she is so gorgeous and her eyes are like no other wish I new her well she did have some amazing eyes loved her in her movies. Thank you

  • Robert VanDeventer

    What a stunningly gorgeous beauty she was !! So sad that we lost her at such a young age !! RIP beautiful Tina

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