Power Trip – Rediscovering ‘The Bunny Caper’ (US 1974 – 90 mins)

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Power Trip – Rediscovering ‘The Bunny Caper’ (US 1974 – 90 mins)

Also known as ‘Games Girls Play’, ‘The Bunny Caper’ is your typical Seventies sex comedy, a playful farce featuring willing performers in ridiculous situations. In this overpopulated genre I think it’s one of the better ones, and is one that moves along at a brisk pace, beginning in Washington and soon locating to London where the story takes off.

The sex-crazed daughter of a wealthy businessman, Bunny O’Hara (Christina Hart) has bedded some of the most powerful men in the US government. When a top General becomes nervous of Bunny’s inside knowledge, he sends her and her ambassador father to London, where he enrols Bunny in a posh all-girls boarding school in the hope that she can stay out of trouble and he can avoid any scandal. Along with virginal roommates Chris (Jill Damas) Sal (Drina Pavlovic) and Jackie (Jane Anthony), corruptive Bunny’s good behaviour soon goes out the window, with naked swimming and teasing their lesbian tutor, soon part of the agenda. It’s not long before Bunny and the girls set their sights higher when, during a conference for Nuclear disarmament, Bunny devises a plan to help her three roommates lose their virginity. With the aid of shy classmate Ducky (Erin Geraghty), Bunny enlists the three girls to be sex partners to some foreign dignitaries, setting up liaisons where Ducky can photograph the sessions to document their ‘project’. Of course things go pear-shaped and nearly lead to a major international incident.

‘The Bunny Caper’ features a quartet of stunning leading ladies. American cutey Christina Hart made her debut in the 1969 sex comedy ‘The Stewardesses’ and played a call-girl in ‘Charley Varrick’ (’73). A versatile actress, Christine gave a terrific performance in the television movie ‘Helter Skelter’ (’76), playing Charles Manson follower Patricia Krenwinkle. Beautiful Jill Damas only appeared in one more movie, the following year’s ‘Can You Keep It Up for a Week?’ (‘75), an enjoyable Britsh sex farce starring Jeremy “Boba Fett” Bulloch. This was glamour model Drina Pavlovic’s biggest role, although she can be spotted in Hammer’s ‘Vampire Circus’ (’72) as another schoolgirl, and the Peter Sellers dud ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ (’79). Jane Anthony also only appeared in one more movie, Jack Gold’s ‘Aces High’ (’79), before retiring from the screen.

While there is plenty of nudity here, thankfully there’s hardly any actual sex scenes, considering the host of overweight hairy men partying with the young ladies. A product of its time there are also some non-PC moments including Jill Damas being molested in a shower by a bunch of amorous Chinese ping-pong players!

Veteran Hollywood director Jack Arnold is best remembered as a pioneer of 1950’s Science Fiction movies. Some of his cult titles include ‘It Came from Outer Space’ (’53), ‘Tarantula’ (’55), and ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’ (’57), all popular Drive-In features. The sex comedy was an odd genre choice for Arnold whose final movie would be the dull David Janssen thriller ‘The Swiss Conspiracy’ (’76). Noted and prolific Cinematographer Alan Hume went on to greater things, working on a handful of Roger Moore Bond flicks and also ‘Return of the Jedi’ in 1983.

A fast moving frolic, ‘The Bunny Caper’ is an innocuous farce that remains entertaining throughout. A low-budget delight that, while it’s not the funniest sex comedy out there, it rises above the crowd due to the enthusiasm of its lovely leading ladies.

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