Fatal Distraction – Rediscovering ‘Craving Desire’ (Italy 1993 – 97 mins)

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Fatal Distraction – Rediscovering ‘Craving Desire’ (Italy 1993 – 97 mins)

A trashy but enjoyable psychological thriller from Italy; ‘Craving Desire’ is a twisty tale of infatuation, jealousy and murder, notable for featuring an impressive turn by its lovely female star; Vittoria Belvedere.

After the unexpected arrival of his beautiful cousin Sonia, young Luigi’s personal and professional life is rapidly turned upside down, after an intimate relationship begins between the two. Cancelling his engagement, Sonia assures Luigi that they are not blood relatives due to infidelity in their family. But Sonia appears to have a dangerous side too, and soon both she and Luigi are engaging in evermore daring adventures, including a high class robbery. After trying to end their dangerous lifestyle, Luigi finds himself on the receiving end of Sonia’s wrath, as her true nature finally surfaces, leaving behind a trail of blood and destruction.

Coming late in the Italian Giallo genre, ‘Craving Desire’ was hardly original, but does contain enough juicy moments to keep genre fans happy. While technically weak, and featuring a soundtrack that annoys, it still manages for the most part to be entertaining.

Looking like a young Ornella Muti, 21 year old beauty Vittoria Belvedere is suitably seductive as Sonia, whose pretty face shields more than her facade appears. Belvedere is exceptional as the deeply disturbed Sonia, and it’s a shame that her career has not given her more juicy roles like this one. Little-known Ron Nummi was pretty good as the rather unlikable Luigi, while cult favourite Serena Grandi also appears as a socialite seductress.

Legendary Euro-director Sergio Martino was better known for his censor-baiting Seventies pictures ‘Torso’ (’73) and ‘The Mountain of the Cannibal God’ (’78), as well as a handful of Edwige Fenech flicks. He did an okay job with this one, but it’s still a step down from much of his 70’s output.

With abundant nudity and occasional shocking violence, ‘Craving Desire’ is certainly not for everyone, but for the ‘Fatal Attraction’ crowd, it will certainly hold your interest. After viewing this one you’ll never look at a pair of stilettos in the same way again!

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