B-movie’s Bright Bombshell – Remembering Angela Aames (1956 – 1988)

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B-movie’s Bright Bombshell – Remembering Angela Aames (1956 – 1988)

Bubbly, outgoing and funny, lovely Angela Aames brightened up a handful of cult features from the late Seventies onwards. In a career lasting less than ten years, this buxom, blonde beauty brought warmth and humour to a raft of b-movies and exploitation favourites.

Born in South Dakota on February 27th 1956, Angela began acting in high school and, before long, was training at the famed Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Moving to Hollywood in 1978, she won the role of ‘Little Bo Peep’ in the 1979 adult comedy ‘Fairy Tales’, which also provided an early role for Linnea Quigley as ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Unhappy with having to be fully nude, the movie was a disappointing experience for Angela, but at least it brought her to the fore. That same year she played Linda “Boom-Boom” Bangs, in the playmate-infested sorority comedy ‘H.O.T.S’, where her character memorably skydives topless into a swimming pool. While this silly movie certainly made use of Angela’s ample charms, it did little to showcase her burgeoning talent.

After a handful of appearances in the popular 1979 TV series ‘B.J. and the Bear’, Angela had a brief, funny scene in Robert Aldrich’s likeable comedy-drama ‘…All the Marbles’ (’81), as Peter Falk’s floozy. Being a huge fan of the TV sitcom‘Cheers’, I fondly remember Angela’s funny turn in the hilarious 1982 episode ‘Sam’s Women’, from the shows first season. In it she played her usual, bimbo character and Ted Danson’s latest interest, the rather dim-witted Brandee (“with two E’s”). An obscure, though not very good film came next with ‘Boxoffice’ (’82), a showbiz saga in which Angela played wannabe starlet Suzi, alongside such screen talents as Eddie Constantine and Edie Adams.

In 1983 Angela finally had a lead role, in exploitation director Jim Wynorski’s cult fantasy spoof ‘The Lost Empire’. Playing ex-con Heather, she had a memorable mud fight scene with adult film star Angelique Pettyjohn. That same year Angela had a non-speaking walk-on part in Brian DePalma’s ‘Scarface’, where her beauty stood out in the Babylon Club scene. The following year saw Aames in another skin-flashing role in the cult Tom Hanks comedy ‘Bachelor Party’ (’84), before being paired with fellow buxom blonde; Rhonda Shear, for the strained sex comedy ‘Basic Training’ (’85).

A couple of appearances in the Lee Major’s adventure series ‘Fall Guy’ (’84 & ’86), was followed by the 1986 fan favourite ‘Chopping Mall’, which saw Angela reunited with director Jim Wynorski, for this engaging sci-fi ‘killer-robot’ flick, starring ‘Night of the Comet’s Kelli Maroney. As well as various appearances in the long-running sitcom ‘Night Court’ between 1985 and ’87, one of Angela’s final roles was a recurring stint in ‘The Dom DeLuise Show’ (’87), playing fitness instructor Penny.

Married but separated from her husband, on November 27th 1988, Angela was sadly found dead at a girlfriend’s home in Los Angeles. Rumours surfaced of a possible mis-use of alcohol and diet pills, although a coroner ruled her death the result of a heart condition, probably caused by a virus. Aged just 32, Angela Aames was a sweet, talented actress and skilful comedienne, who was unfortunately too often typecast in throwaway roles. Still, she seemed to have a blast, and while never quite hitting the big time, she certainly left a lasting impression, and to this day is still fondly remembered by many.

Favourite Movie: …All the Marbles
Favourite Performance: The Lost Empire

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  • Antonio Rosa

    Angela Aames might be my #1 hottest celebrity. In more quiet moments, sophistication and a desire to flourish as an actress could be seen in her. But she seemed to also understand that people couldn’t get past how beautiful and amazing her breasts were, so she played along with that. A beautiful person, both inside and out. Rest in peace Angela.

    • admin

      Lovingly put Antonio. Angela was a true one-off.

  • Will

    I’ve never seen her before until watching Lost Empire today. Wow what a hottie and true her body is breathtaking. But I also found her acting better than anyone else’s in this movie. So sad she died at such a young age.

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