Doppelgänger? – Rediscovering ‘Zoeken naar Eileen’ /Looking for Eileen ( Netherlands 1987 – 98 mins)

Rediscover ‐ August 02, 2015

A surprisingly good movie that’s part thriller, mystery and romance, the Dutch drama ‘Looking for Eileen’ is a sort of modern twist on the tragic story of ‘Tristan and Isolde’, and it made for an unexpectedly enjoyable viewing.

After his wife Marjan (Lysette Anthony) is tragically killed in a road accident, architect Philip de Wit (Thom Hoffman) retreats into himself until one day when a young Irish woman called Eileen (also Lysette Anthony) walks into his bookshop. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to his dead wife, it transpires that Eileen is running away from her brutish husband and hoping to find her …

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Seduction in Suburbia – Rediscovering ‘Baby Love’ (UK 1968 – 96 mins)

Rediscover ‐ July 27, 2015

A controversial Lolita-esque tale about a scheming schoolgirl who tantalizes all those around her, ‘Baby Love’ is a sometimes grimy yet mostly engrossing melodrama, and features a terrific debut performance from future British sex symbol Linda Hayden.

After her mother’s suicide, 15 Year old schoolgirl Luci Thompson (Linda Hayden) moves into the affluent family home of her mother’s one-time lover; Robert Quayle (Keith Barron). Initially suffering vivid dreams and nightmares, it’s not long before the playful Luci is seducing both Robert (who may be her biological father) and his son Nick (Derek Lamden), before moving onto the mother; Amy (Ann Lynn). …

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Portly Professors & Disturbed Doctors – Lloyd Corrigan (1900–1969)

Rewind ‐ July 23, 2015

A scene-stealing character actor, the chubby and cheerful Lloyd Corrigan was often seen in comedy, but was equally adept at villainous roles. He played doctors, professors and other eminent characters, and directed some early features, notably the 1937 crime flick ‘Night Key’ with Boris Karloff. Also a gifted writer, he even found time to co-script Paramount’s popular “Fu Manchu” films, starring Warner Oland.

Born in California on October 16th 1900, Corrigan began acting in the silent days although he spent much of these early years writing and directing before turning to full-time acting in 1939. Following a funny turn in the …

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Sweet Dreams – Rediscovering ‘Nashville Girl’ (US 1976 – 90 mins)

Rediscover ‐ July 20, 2015
Sweet Dreams – Rediscovering ‘Nashville Girl’ (US 1976 – 90 mins)

Part exploitation, part touching drama, the little-seen quickie ‘Nashville Girl’ is a better than average tale about ambition and the darker side of success. A Drive-in delight, it makes the most of its low budget and succeeds mainly due to the enthusiastic charm of its lead actress.

To escape her religious family and after being sexually assaulted by a local lad, pretty Country & Western wannabe Jamie (Monica Gayle) takes to the road and hitchhikes her way to the big city, hoping to be discovered as the next Loretta Lynn. Along the way she takes a job in a dodgy massage …

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A Fish Out Of Water – Rediscovering ‘Miranda’ (UK 1948 – 80 mins)

Rediscover ‐ July 16, 2015

The best mermaid movie that’s not called ‘Splash’, the hugely enjoyable ‘Miranda’ is a sweet-natured fantasy-comedy with a healthy splash of romance. It also made something of a star out of the pretty, husky-voiced Glynis Johns.

While vacationing in Cornwall, young physician Paul Martin (Griffith Jones) catches more than he bargained for while doing a spot of fishing, a lonely mermaid called Miranda Trewella (Glynis Johns). Persuading Paul to take her back to London with him, he disguises her tail, sits her in a wheelchair and says that she is a disabled patient who has come to stay with him and …

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Moral Dilemma – Rediscovering ‘The Dead Zone’ (US/Canada 1983 – 103 mins)

Rediscover ‐ July 14, 2015

Adapted from a 1979 Stephen King novel, the excellent Canadian-set horror ‘The Dead Zone’ expertly mixes elements of science-fiction, thriller and human drama, into a story combining various vignettes showing both the good and bad side of suddenly having the psychic ability to know somebody’s future.

After awakening from a five year coma following a car crash, English teacher Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) finds that he now has the unique gift of being able to see people’s future (and sometimes past) just by touching their hands. After aiding the police catch a local serial-killer, and saving a boy from a terrible …

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Walk Like A Man – Rediscovering ‘The Wanderers’ (US 1979 – 117 mins)

Rediscover ‐ July 10, 2015

A film that features in many people’s top 10, Philip Kaufman’s nostalgic ‘The Wanderers’ is a near masterpiece that still mesmerizes after all these years. An adult story of teenage angst, I think it’s one of the best coming-of-age movies ever made.

Set in 1963 in the Bronx, the story centres around various gang cultures (including the ‘Baldies’, ‘Wong’s’ and ‘Del Bombers’) and their bitter rivalry to rule the streets. Focussing on the slick Italian gang ‘The Wanderers’, the movie follows their fights, fortunes and female-chasing, before culminating in a rival football game where sworn enemies are forced to join forces …

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Inside Job – Rediscovering ‘Money Movers’ (Australia 1978 – 92 mins)

Rediscover ‐ July 07, 2015

The gripping and twisty 1978 heist flick ‘Money Movers’ is the sort of movie that Australia excelled in at the time. Fast-paced, naturally acted and realistically shot, it wastes no time in setting up its riveting plot, and puts a vice-like grip on the viewer right from the opening scene.

Head of Security Eric Jackson, and his brother Brian (Terence Donovan and Bryan Brown) plan to rob their firms counting house to the tune of $20 million, unaware that local kingpin Henderson (Charles Tingwell) is also intent on doing so. Suspecting that a new employee; Leo Bassett (Tony Bonnor) may also …

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Loners, Losers & Live Wires – Remembering Klaus Löwitsch (1936 – 2002)

Remember ‐ July 05, 2015

The name may not ring a bell but the face should be familiar, especially to fans of cult Seventies cinema. German actor Klaus Löwitsch was talented and intense, often playing villainous but with a dangerous charm. Always interesting to watch, he worked with some of cinema’s most respected directors including Peckinpah, Fassbender and Preminger, and created some forceful characters, often outshining the more well-known stars of his films.

Born on April 8th 1936, in Berlin, Löwitsch trained as a dancer before making his movie debut in 1956. He spent the next few years in minor roles in forgettable features such as …

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On your Marks – Rediscovering ‘Harry in Your Pocket’ (US 1973 – 103 mins)

Rediscover ‐ June 29, 2015

A film that used to play regularly on late-night TV but rarely gets screened these days, ‘Harry in Your Pocket’ is a diverting drama of how pickpockets and their crew operate together. While there’s no major plot here, the joy of the film is seeing the cult cast engage in their four-way routines of marking their victims before going in for the ‘kill’.

Seasoned pickpocket Harry Durbin (James Coburn) and his aging friend Casey (Walter Pidgeon) employ a young couple; Ray and Sandy (Michael Sarrazin and Trish Van Devere) to be the ‘stalls’ in their pickpocket operation. Targeting mainly businessmen in …

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