Greta Gynt (1916 – 2000)

Posted in Rewind by - Sep 19, 2014

Although she is mostly forgotten now, in the UK in the 1940’s Greta Gynt was a very attractive and popular leading lady. Although she never managed to crack America, Greta starred in a variety of successful British movies and, although I’ve only seen her in a couple of features, I was impressed by her varied talents and surprised she didn’t have more luck in her career.

Born Margrethe Woxholt in Oslo, Norway on November 15th 1916, glamorous blonde Greta started out as a dancer before moving to England in the mid Thirties. After roles in a couple of light comedies, Greta …

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What Goes Around… – Rediscovering ‘The Time to Die’ / Le Temps de Mourir (France 1970 – 80 mins)

Posted in Rediscover by - Sep 17, 2014

A strange and mysterious movie, ‘The Time to Die’ is an arty yet engrossing sci-fi thriller from France. Although I am not a big fan of art-house, the intriguing set-up, stunning locations and sheer beauty of leading lady Anna Karina, kept me interested throughout.

An unnamed woman on horseback (Anna Karina) is riding along a beach carrying a reel of tape. When the horse collides with a tree, the woman falls to the ground, dropping the tape, where it rolls down a bank before hitting a man lying on the grass. He picks up the tape and takes it to the …

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Spies, Spoofs and grisly Giallo’s – Remembering Marisa Mell (1939 – 1992)

Posted in Remember by - Sep 15, 2014

Beautiful and exiting, the stunning Marisa Mell appeared in an array of cult classics and exploitation favourites, from both Italy and abroad. Never shy with nudity, she is also remembered for her glamorous pictorials that featured in many glossy publications during her long and varied career.

Born in Austria on February 24th 1939, Marisa Mell’s life was nearly over before her career even took off. In 1963, after having appeared in only a handful of European movies, Marisa was involved in a serious traffic accident while in France. She nearly lost her right eye and would spend the next two years …

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Prisoners of Poisoning – Rediscovering ‘Somewhere Beyond Love’ / ‘Delitto D’Amore’ (Italy 1974 – 105 mins)

Posted in Rediscover by - Sep 11, 2014

Set in an industrial town full of smog, fog and grey skies, the beautifully titled Italian drama ‘Somewhere Beyond Love’, is a straightforward yet realistic tale of two people from different upbringings who suddenly fall in love.

Two factory workers; Carmela (Stefania Sandrelli) and Nullo (Giuliano Gemma), meet and quickly fall in love, even though they are from very different backgrounds. Carmela had a tough childhood in Sicily, while Nullo had a comfortable upbringing in Milan. They also share different beliefs with Nullo an atheist, and Carmela a strict Roman Catholic. Still, they are very determined to make things work and …

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At the End of their Ropes – Rediscovering ‘The Night of the Iguana’ (US 1964 – 118 mins)

Posted in Rediscover by - Sep 10, 2014

Although it’s not one of John Huston’s most famous films, the sweaty psychological drama ‘The Night of the Iguana’, is an extremely entertaining movie with several top stars at their very best. Based on the 1961 play by Tennessee Williams, it’s a gripping tale of sex, religion, repression and loneliness. Something for everyone!

Two years after having a nervous breakdown during service, Reverend Dr. T. Lawrence Shannon (Richard Burton), is now an alcoholic tour guide for a run-down American company. His latest tour sees him accompanying a group of Baptist school teachers on a trip to Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico. The …

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The Swarm – Rediscovering ‘Nid de Guêpes’ / ‘The Nest’ (France 2002 – 107 mins)

Posted in Rediscover by - Sep 05, 2014

One of the greatest action movies I have ever seen; ‘Nid de Guêpes’ is a superbly made thriller featuring several heart-stopping action sequences. The story itself is a simple, yet incredibly suspenseful one.

During a national holiday, at the same time that the leader of the Albanian mafia; Abedin Nexhep, is being escorted to court by French Special Forces, a gang of thieves are planning a warehouse break-in. When the armed escort is ambushed en-route by Nexhep’s henchmen, the Special Forces are forced to take refuge in the same warehouse as where the thieves are operating. Now trapped, both groups have …

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Grand Dames and sinister old ladies – Cathleen Nesbitt (1888 – 1982)

Posted in Rewind by - Sep 03, 2014

A truly wonderful actress from both stage and screen, it’s always a joy to see Cathleen Nesbitt’s smiling old lady up on the screen. A prolific theatre performer but a late starter in movies, Cathleen brightened up many scenes, often unintentionally stealing the thunder from the movie’s main stars.

Cathleen Mary Nesbitt was born in Cheshire, England, on November 24th 1888, and made her London stage debut in 1910, aged 22. The following year Cathleen made her Broadway debut and, apart from one lead role in the 1922 romantic drama ‘The Faithful Heart’, Nesbitt would spend the next few years solely …

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Teacher’s Pets – Rediscovering ‘Good Morning, Miss Dove’ (US 1955 – 107 mins)

Posted in Rediscover by - Sep 01, 2014

I’ve always had a soft spot for old-fashioned drama’s which cover many years in the life of the central character. Some of my favourites are the little-known ‘Wait till the Sun Shines, Nellie’ (’52), with David Wayne and Jean Peters, and the 1950 biopic ‘The Magnificent Yankee’, with Louis Calhern. There’s just something reassuringly cosy about them, and the type of movie that you can return to over the years.

Based on Frances Gray Patton’s 1954 bestseller of the same name, ‘Good Morning, Miss Dove’ is a charming piece of Americana about a small-town teacher looking back on her past. Spanning …

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The Streets of San Francisco – Rediscovering ‘The Laughing Policeman’ (US 1973 – 112 mins)

Posted in Rediscover by - Aug 30, 2014

A film that would quite often play on late night TV, the realistic cop drama ‘The Laughing Policeman’ has an interesting premise and excellent performances across the board. It also features what I think is one of the most quotable screenplays of its time.

San Francisco; late one night an unknown assailant guns down a busload of passengers in a seemingly random killing spree. One of those killed is off-duty police detective Dave Evans (Anthony Costello) who, at the time, had been personally investigating the murder of a businessman’s wife. Evans former partner Jake Martin (Walter Matthau) soon finds links in …

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Her life was a Cabaret – Remembering Jill Haworth (1945 – 2011)

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Petite English actress Jill Haworth had an interesting if unsatisfactory screen career. Like so many other talented young actresses, what began as a promising start in big budget pictures, later settled into mainly low budget horror flicks, certainly unworthy of her natural acting abilities.

Valerie Jill Haworth was born in Hove, Sussex, on August 15th 1945, and as a child had no ambition for acting, preferring ballet instead. During a worldwide talent search though, she was spotted by Otto Preminger, who gave Haworth the role of doomed refugee; Karen, in his 1960 epic ‘Exodus’, alongside Paul Newman and future on-off boyfriend …

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