Deadly Sting – Rediscovering ‘Invasion of the Bee Girls’ (US 1973 – 85 mins)

Rediscover ‐ October 06, 2015

A highly watchable low-budget feature from the early Seventies, ‘Invasion of the Bee Girls’ has a plot that sounds like something out of a porn parody. But while it has an abundance of sleaze and T&A, it’s a mostly fun exploiter peppered with wry humour and B-movie glamour.

A Californian research clinic is the site for a string of mysterious deaths involving male scientists who have had heart attacks while making love. Government agent Neil Agar (William Smith) is sent to investigate and finally concludes that a female doctor; Susan Harris (Anitra Ford) has been exposed to atomic radiation, resulting in …

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Crooked Cowboys & a Mad Medic – Remembering Jack Elam (1920 – 2003)

Remember ‐ October 03, 2015

A marvellous character actor who was largely seen in cowboy pictures, the tall, lanky and often bearded Jack Elam also popped up in just about every western television series ever made. His characters were largely villainous, somewhat lazy, and often revelled in their sadism. But he could also play the comic relief in more family-orientated fare, while occasionally still retaining a wonderfully evil streak.

Born William Scott Elam in Arizona, on November 13th 1920, the one-time accountant was blinded in his left eye during a childhood scuffle, and would use this ‘lazy eye’ to great effect as his career progressed. After …

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Lies, Spies & a Nobel Prize – Rediscovering ‘The Prize’ (US 1963 – 134 mins)

Rediscover ‐ September 29, 2015

A movie rarely mentioned when discussing Paul Newman’s best films, the fun spy romp ‘The Prize’ is to me, one of the better thrillers from the genre’s busiest decade. A slick adventure taking in the sights of Sweden, it remains a diverting watch featuring a handsome cast, witty banter and an involving plot.

Soon after arriving in Stockholm to receive his Nobel Prize for literature, boozy American writer Andrew Craig (Paul Newman) finds himself caught up in a plot which sees fellow prize winner; German physicist Max Stratman (Edward G. Robinson), kidnapped by Communists and replaced by a lookalike, before the …

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“Where There’s A Will…” – Rediscovering ‘Lady on a Train’ (US 1945 – 94 mins)

Rediscover ‐ September 23, 2015

“Why Does My Head Hurt?” – Wayne Morgan
“That’s Where He Hit You” – Nikki Collins

A light-hearted murder-mystery that incorporates a handful of genres, ‘Lady on a Train’ is a fast moving movie which wastes no time in setting up its central mystery. It moves along at a rapid pace while mixing humour, excitement, and even some welcome darker moments.

While her train is standing at Central Station, Nikki Collins (Deanna Durbin) witnesses the murder of a man through the window of a building across the road. Learning that the victim was shipping magnate Josiah Waring, Nikki turns detective and goes …

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Two-Way Mirrors & Three-Way Love – Rediscovering ‘Fanfan’ (France 1993 – 85 mins)

Rediscover ‐ September 18, 2015
Two-Way Mirrors & Three-Way Love – Rediscovering ‘Fanfan’ (France 1993 – 85 mins)

A powerful romantic comedy with a poetic touch, the winning French film ‘FanFan’ mixes romance with a sense of tragedy, in dealing with an offbeat love triangle between a complicated young man, his loyal girlfriend, and a spirited student he meets by chance.

Alexandre (Vincent Perez) has found that his relationship with his loving fiancée Laure (Marine Delter) has become stale, and decides to take a break to the coast. While staying at his friends beach front property, he meets and dates a beautiful student; Fanfan (Sophie Marceau), who soon falls in love with him. Confiding of his relationship issues with …

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Alice in Wonderland – Rediscovering ‘The Telephone Book’ (US 1971 – 80 mins)

Rediscover ‐ September 13, 2015

A genuinely obscure one-off, the funny low-budget sex comedy ‘The Telephone Book’ has an intriguing premise that’s too good to pass up; a woman falls in love with the world’s most obscene phone caller.

After receiving a graphically dirty phone call, pretty blonde Alice (Sarah Kennedy), instead of feeling repulsed, is moved by the callers words and feels a desperate desire to meet the man, who calls himself John Smith (Norman Rose). Unfortunately, apart from his name, all she knows is that he lives in Manhattan. Determined to meet the filthy caller, she works her way through the phone book and, …

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Stoic Colonel’s & Stiff Upper Lips – C. Aubrey Smith (1863 – 1948)

Rewind ‐ September 10, 2015

Tall, imposing, with a heavy moustache and wild eyebrows, the wonderful British actor C. Aubrey Smith was Hollywood’s go-to guy for the esteemed English gentleman. Sometimes barnstorming and often eccentric, he gave gravitas to many of cinema’s greatest movies of the day.

Born in London on July 21st 1863, Smith had been a successful test cricketer, and then a stage actor for 20 years before making his movie debut in 1915, at the grand age of 52. It wasn’t until he was around 69 though, that he had his first notable roles. In 1932 Smith had the small but important part …

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Cauldron of Horror – Rediscovering ‘Poison for the Fairies’ (Mexico 1984 – 90 mins)

Rediscover ‐ September 07, 2015

A unique entry into the killer-kiddie genre (even if it turns out not to strictly be one!), ‘Poison for the Fairies’ is a highly engaging drama about an imaginative child’s innocent game that finally gets out of hand.

Set among a Catholic school in the 1960’s, 10 year old Verónica (Ana Patricia Rojo) befriends lonely new pupil Flavia (Elsa María Gutiérrez), telling her that she is a witch and that she wants Flavia to be her helper. What starts out as an innocent child’s fantasy, soon takes a darker turn as the girls set about finding the correct ingredients for their …

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Home Sweet Home – Rediscovering ‘Serial Mom’ (US 1994 – 95 mins)

Rediscover ‐ September 04, 2015

I’ve never sampled the early outrageous films of John Waters, but I’ve always loved his more mainstream movie ‘Serial Mom’. I think it’s a wonderfully wacky comedy of a suburban housewife who takes extreme action against those who upset her perfectly ordered family life.

Cheerful housewife Beverly Sutphin (Kathleen Turner) appears to have it all. A loving dentist husband Eugene (Sam Waterston), and teenagers Chip and Misty (Matthew Lillard & Ricki Lake). However, woe betides anybody who upsets her family in any way, for Beverly has no qualms about offing those who do. After a spate of horrific murders, with both …

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Giallo’s, Germans & A Giant Gorilla – Remembering Evelyne Kraft (1951 – 2009)

Remember ‐ September 02, 2015

Blonde and beautiful with piercing blue eyes, Evelyne Kraft only appeared in eleven movies in her nine year career. With a degree of talent and stunning looks, her brief output took her from Europe to China, where she left a lasting impression in one particular cult movie.

Born in Russia on April 11th 1951, Kraft made her debut in the cult 1972 giallo ‘The French Sex Murders’, which had Humphrey Bogart lookalike Robert Sacchi play an inspector on the trail of a Parisian prositute killer, who is now disposing of the witnesses to his crime. An enjoyable if plodding movie, 21 …

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